Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I can bearly stand it!

I have been waiting for this book to come since I first saw it in my buyers catalog a couple months ago- seriously stop what you are doing and go check out this book- ahheemm preferably at your local independent bookstore! It is called Wonder Bear by Tao Nyeu. My Jasper has said that he wants to be an illustrator for wordless children's books when he grows up, and this one will throw him into a tizzy! It is so very hard to describe the magic and color and beautifulness of this book until you can see it with your own eyes. Just to entice you a little, the initial idea for this book was that this is the thesis project inspired by an odd-looking gummy bear with magical powers. Can you really resist magical powers of a gummy bear?

This book on a very surface level is about a couple kids, a packet of seeds, and that magical place between dream land and waking. The amazing color pallet will take you back to the 70's with a modern touch. I am not sure if I can wait too long to give this to my boys and share with "the root children"

Needless to say there will be a wonderful white bear that I will be making for the shop inspired by this incredible book, and a sweet little brown fella that is celebrating his 40th Anniversary this year, that you will recognize this week also- oh- just when I thought I had all the projects outlined for the next week!

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