Wednesday, June 4, 2008

dada contest

one of the sweetest words that hits my hubbies ears is dada. Yes there are other things that my boys call their dada, including daddy, da, and the transition into just simply dad. One of the many things I love about my husband is the integral role he played in the birth of my sons- he is incredibly supportive and strong. I will forever remember how he breathed and moaned with me through so many rushes during Jasper's birth and comforted me during my healing both physically and soulfully from the c-section. I will also always remember his support during our homebirth with Silas and the image of him sitting on the couch first holding his second son. One moment I will never forget is that he warmed up the towels and blankets for Silas under his shirt from the heat of his own body- powerful stuff.

Recently I was asked to make a sea animal set as a gift for a little chap in Florida and this reminded me of the wonderful story Mr. Seahorse by Eric Carle. Not only is it another amazing book by this fantastic author, but it shows the unique story of sea life fathers and their roles as caregivers. Seahorses, unlike most other fish are monogamous, and the only animal species on Earth in which the male bears the young.

So in honor of Father's Day I am running a little contest. Between now and June 15 at midnight leave a comment and tell me about an incredibly moving moment for you that involved your hubby at the birth of your kiddos. The winner will receive a care package of goodies, including a handmade wooden seahorse by me.

Have fun, check out Mr. Seahorse by Eric Carle- Silas loves the acetate pages with critters hiding behind! We would love to visit the Eric Carle Picture Book Museum someday!

Here is a video I found of a male seahorse birthing out the babies!


  1. While technically not a birth moment, it is a moment that my hubby had with both of my girls their first evenings with us. I recall him taking my firstborn into the living room and gently dancing with her in the dark to Neil Young’s Harvest Moon album, and he did the exact same thing with my second born. There must be something about that album, and now each time I hear a song from Harvest Moon I am instantly taken back to those nights :) Sweet, Sweet times.

  2. so magical- thanks so much for sharing, I could not imagine a more beautiful song for you-

  3. Hello,
    This is my first time visiting your blog. THANK YOU!!! I am only on the computer at night after my boys have gone to bed, and I have now been at the computer for two hours reading your entire blog from start to finish. I am never on the computer this long and if I would have spent my time reading anything else I would have been disgusted with myself for having wasted so much time. However, your blog is amazing. I would say that after every 2 to 3 entries, I would either find myself moved to tears or with a huge knot in my stomach from emotion. Everything from the J.K. Rowling signing you attended (I am so envious, I would have given my right arm to hear her talk of Molly Weasley, I cannot believe that there is a bigger fan than myself. I listen to the audio cd's at home repeatedly while I am busy with other things)to the videos you have chosen about home births and midwives which are amazing. The comment on one of your posts about the origins of belly dancing and labor had me staring open mouthed at the screen while tears rolled down my face, as I remembered the birth of my second son (which will have been a year ago this June
    18th). You don't know how good this post made me feel. During labor, from the moment I felt my back starting to ache until about 10 min. before he was in my arms, I moved my hips as if I had been possessed. At the time I was thinking to myself that I was going into some kind of a frenzy and kept telling myself I would get tired out and that I should stop and just go to the hospital already, but the harder the labor pains came the more rapidly I made my hips go back and forth, hoping that no one but my husband would come into our room. There would have been no pain medication that would have worked better. My husband just looked at me and smiled. Somewhere deep within me I knew what I needed to do. He knew this. Sorry to have you read such a long comment to your post, but I love your blog and had to say so, there is no doubt I will be back for more. Thanks again. Anna

  4. Anna- thank you so much for your incredibly kind words, in am deeply touched. This is the second reading on you post about dancing your baby into your arms and each time I get chills- those are incredible moments, and incredible strong daddies to trust their women and the strength they possess- thanks so much and I look forward to you visiting often! ps-I could not imagine the world of childrens literature without Harry-she truely was an amazing woman to meet!

  5. Thank you for your blog! My first but not my last visit!
    A memory that stirred to the surface, Once we came home from the hospital (yikes!~we have come a long way I assure you!)
    my son was a bit fussy, my husband took him and went out the back door and "introduced" him to the world outside! The sky and it's blue and the clouds, and the wind blowing and the trees swaying in the breeze. He spoke softly(atypical I might add), and told our son that if he were still and quiet and listened carefully he would hear the birds chirping, and he was still then, and heard the birds and my husband identified the various bird chirps and told my son how to identify them...
    to this day my son is excellent identifying birds and enjoys the world outdoors.
    Thank you for letting that memory surface, we all need to revisit that this week, emotionally!
    Good Luck on the surgery, know (believe )that it will be fine!

  6. I have so many happy birth moments with my wonderful husband that I'm having trouble picking just one to write about!

    The one that keeps popping up is during my labor with my second son which was progressing incredibly rapidly. I was kind of running around the house in between very close together contractions trying to get things together for the birth--like putting my birth shirt from my Blessingway on and getting my Blessingway bracelet on, putting my hair in a ponytail, trying to decide if I should take a shower or if I didn't have time (I didn't). I only had about a minute between contractions and it had happened so fast that I was not really in "Laborland"--I was all chatty and hyper in between contractions instead of being inward and focused and absorbed like I was with my first son after I had labored for several hours to the transitional point like this. So, this time I was like, "whoa! This is really happening! I better get ready for the ride!" and I was laughing and joking about things and then stopping to work with really powerful contractions. Anyway, during contractions I needed to lean on something. I kept going for the back of the recliner, but it was too rocky and unstable. I tried the birth ball, but it was too low. I was really cheerful and excited and told my dear husband how I couldn't find something the right height to lean on and he said, "how about me?" So, I leaned on him and it was perfect! He was that "just right" thing I was looking for! I hung on him during several contractions, dropping low at the peaks. Then, I got down on my hands and knees with him in front of me with his arms around me and our baby was born not too much later.

    During both of my labors and births my husband was so present for me, so deeply connected, and so physically *there* holding and loving me that I literally felt like we were one person. I can almost not remember *where* exactly he was during the births, because he was so close to me that it was like we were one. He knew exactly where to be and how to move with me and it was wordless.

    With tears in eyes of the memories,

    Molly :)


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